Modulation in halion 5

I try to do a thing in halion that doesn’t seem to work. I want to modulate a lowpass filter with the filter envelope and then modulate a highpass filter with the user envelope. Is this really impossible in halion? I don’t want to do it with automation.

In kontakt this kind of modulation is done in tre seconds so I can’t believe that its not even possible in such an expensive instrument like halion.

Can someone please tell me how to do this, or tell me if it is impossible.

Since I get no answer about this I assume that modulation in halion is extremely limited and can not be recommended if you want to do any sound design using modulation.

Cutoff Offset
Modulates the cutoff offset of the second filter in serial or parallel mode. For example, assign the modulation wheel to lower or raise the cutoff of the second filter while you play.
Resonance Offset
Modulates the resonance offset of the second filter in serial or parallel mode. For example, assign the modulation wheel to lower or raise the resonance of the second filter while you play.

In the Modulation Matrix, select User Envelope as Source and Cutoff Offset as Destination. Done in a few seconds. Hope it’s fast enough for you and that it works for your sound design.

Judas666, pointing out the strong points of a competitors products is a bit of a sensitive point on this forum and can result in some emotional reactions by a few fanatics and even a ban from one of the moderators. So watch your step when going there. :wink:

Despite Whirly’s good advice to control 2 filters I hear what you say. It’s remarkable how tedious and limited the modulation possibilities of Halion 5 are compared to similar pieces of software from other brands. Same goes for the visual feedback of the modulated parameters.

Thank you very much for your tip. I had been fiddling with with the offset before but I gave it a new try now. It is indeed possible to do the things I want but it is very complicated. And as the other poster says, the visual feedback is zero, wich makes it even harder. Anyway, thanks again.

Since I don’t want a ban :wink: I will point out that halion is excellent when it comes to mix different sources to make a sound. I love halion for that. But it really need better modulation possibilities.

You are of course welcome to make your own interpretations, but I fail to see how my answer, pointing to the solution, is perceived as more emotional than the OP when he’s complaining about lack of a feature that is actually there. Now I’m probably being both emotional and humorless :open_mouth:

Now, over to the NI forum to help those complaining about the of lack of modulation possibilities in Kontakt.

Whirly, you are right that setting up that modulation of the second filter is done in a few seconds. But finetuning the offset with an envelope takes a very long time and is complicated because you are modulating a knob that is affecting another knob that is shared with another filter. And you can’t see anything moving.

No offence to you whirly, you helped me out, but steinberg has to work a little with the modulation I think.

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It wasn’t aimed at you, so yes that sounded quite emotional!

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