Modulation matrix destinations

Hi all:)

The modulation matrix needs a boost… - it should be able to map anything to anywhere…

Some destinations that i am missing:



->pitch octave

->Quick controls

Thanks for your consideration:)

-> Layer Alternate

-> Sphere Joystick

it should address basically ALL parameter as destinations, like in UVI Falcon

At least the most important FX parameters should be included, the best would be to get rid of the matrix and construct an open, more modular modulation system, it’s too old-school in the current state.

I agree that some sort of layer level mod matrix should exist so that you can modulate more parameters.

I’d like to see as many destinations as possible too. Was just looking for Filter Envelope Amount as a destination and couldn’t find it.

yes! it should be able to map anything to anywhere…but the effect/plugin knobs in the mixer chain is the most important imo…i miss that in cubase also… :exclamation:


+1 I’d like to see the modulation sources and destinations improved as well

I should mention a few things…

  1. You cannot modulate the macro page because the macro page does not have parameters to modulate. The macro page only displays existing parameters.
  2. You can select the modwheel as a source.
  3. You can modulate the pitch by octaves but it would take setting up a custom curve to do so.
  4. You can select Quick controls as a modulation source.

I like to see the step mod speed be a destination.
It’s cool as it is, but gets kind of static without being able to vary the speed with an envelope or lfo or something.

Also, it’d be great to be able to modulate at least some of the fx parameters.

I absolutely love that it has release velocity as a mod source though.

+1 more destinations. definitely all the fx parameters.

+1 to more mod destinations. The current number of destinations is quite sad for a modern flagship synth. being able to modulate the modulators themselves would be nice too.
Drag and drop modulation and/or a right click menu system for each parameter is needed in addition to the traditional matrix/table.
A bit of animation on modulated knobs would be nice too but thats getting a little off topic now :wink: