Modulation Matrix Question

Question about understanding the Modulation Matrix in Halion 5.

If I have a layer with 2 zones, can I set the Destination of Zone 1 to “Bus 1” and send that “Bus 1” to a Source in Zone 2? Or are Bus Routings only allowed within the Zone itself?

Thanks! Feel free to post if this needs to be clarified.

Michael :ugeek:

It is an interesting question and I did not know the answer either so I decided to try it. :wink:
I tried to send the LFO of Zone 1 to Bus 1 and then, in Zone 2, I assigned Bus 1 to the Level.

It did not work… :frowning:
It appears that the modulation signals are only available within the zone. But, what parameter are you trying to use as a source that is NOT available in the other zone? For example, if you have an envelope or LFO in Zone 1 that you want to use in Zone 1 AND Zone 2, you can just duplicate the LFO or envelope in Both Zones (Or just select the layer and create the LFO/envelope there and it will duplicate the settings in both zones for you).
I am just trying to establish a use case to see if there is a way to do it.

Hi J

Thanks for the post - I ran into the same issue.

Where it gets different for me is that I am trying to make just an old fashioned simple VCA where the voltage of one signal controls the amplitude of another signal.

My thought was just to (in my Modulation Matrix) route the “output” of Zone 1 as my “source” to my “destination” of “Bus 1”.

In the same layer but second Zone, I would use “Bus 1” as my “source” and and route my “destination” to my “level” of “zone 2”.

any thoughts? i completely agree with your analysis, but where the ability to cut and paste gets tripped up is using the “output” as a “source”

there might be an obvious answer to this that I am not seeing? any ideas?

thanks again :slight_smile:



Well, you have found something that is certainly not available in the other Zone!
Personally, I don’t know how you could do what you describe.

hmmmm - me neither :confused:


So you are trying to use an actual “signal” - be it audio zone or sample zone to use not as a sound, but as modulation signal to apply to carrier, which is zone 2?

I’m not that far in H5, but it seems we don’t have that kind of FM control in here? I dunno. Is there a way to convert a signal amplitude into a complex waveform to use as LFO? Is this what you’re getting at?