Modulation to control automation on ALL tracks

I have recently discovered the ‘quick controls’ feature, and i am able to control the desired automation of a track with my mod-wheel. But. I want more power! Is it possible for me to control a desired automation feature on several tracks, on the same time, with my modulation-wheel?


ok, haven’t been around here for too long, but this seems to be coming up every couple of days. the answer is no (unless you want to go setting up multiple generic remotes under ‘devices’, using midiYOKE virtual MIDI devices et al; but even then it’s limited and convoluted). see for instance here ( ), or indeed any of the similar threads that pop up.

i’d bought novation’s controller ages ago thinking its automap software will do the job, but automap, too, assigns only one control to one of its knobs. ableton or fl studio are good for this kind of thing, ableton especially.