Modulation Wheel Dynamics not responding

I’ve been setting up some of E/W libraries to work with Dorico. I’ve set up the patches that use CC11 or velocity as dynamics in expression maps and they work fine. However, the patches that use CC1 (mod wheel) I can’t get to respond to dynamics markings. In addition to making my own expression maps, I also tried the included “Modulation Wheel Dynamics.” expression map and it doesn’t respond either. This seems odd because the mod wheel obviously works with Halion. One other strange thing is that the playback dynamics do respond to the actual mod wheel on the midi controller while it is playing back. Anyone have an idea what might be wrong?

There is a known issue where edited dynamics may not take effect until the score is reloaded (we hope to remedy this soon), so try that.

That didn’t work, but I created a new instance of the VST and that one works. I think they are set up exactly the same so I have no idea what might be wrong with the other one.