Modulation wheel stoped working

i tried to do some generic remote with my midi ketboard and after assigning midi channels my mod whil and pitch stoped working

When y tweak it - cubase seems to see thi signal but it doesnt effect any instrument.

I delited all remotes but its still doent work


Do you use the MIDI CC1 (Modulation) as the Track Quick Control or VST Quick Control source by any chance? Double check this in the Studio Setup, please.

Also make sure, the data is not filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please.

I checked and vst QC not connected and in MIDI settings I see this. Everything works accept Pitch Wheel in Cubase


Is there any other Remote Device in the Studio > Studio Setup, please? If yes, could you double-check its MIDI Input settings, please?

I see this and those are not connected


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

still the same. How can Check is this work at all?


When you move the wheels, can you see the MIDI activity in the Transport Bar/Panel, please?

I guess, you don’t see the message in the MIDI Track’s MIDI Insert > Monitor. Could you try any 2rd part MIDI Moitor application, please (MIDI Monitor for Mac or MIDIO-X for Windows)?

I checked - I see activity in Transport bar. So How Can I program this whell in cubase?


OK, Cubase receives the MIDI data.

Could you add a MIDI Track and add MIDI Insert > MIDI Monitor? Enable it. Can you see the MIDI message here, please?

Yes here is data by Pitch wheelerwrq


As obvious, it doesn’t send PitchBend data. It sends MIDI CC2 at channel 2.

Do you use any Input Transformer in the track or any Modifier? Are you sure, you didn’t re-program your MIDI keyboard to send other data from the PitchBend wheel?

I mesed with generic remote but I cleared it all


Generic Remote cannot change the MIDI CC value.

so what should I do? How can I fix it?


Could you use any of the 3rd party MIDI Monitor application to verify what data do you really send out from the hardware, please? Then we would know, if the fix has to be on the hardware side or rather in Cubase.