Is it possible in Cubase to modulate channel parameters with LFO?
For example, to modulate panning or channel EQ cutoff, but without drawing automation. Like using LFO, say from some included VST instrument, and feed it to channel EQ cutof?

Don’t know about that but you can draw sine, triangle and square wave modulation into the automation lanes using the line mode, where the snap value will determine the period and shift drag will manually set the period setting.

Then you can use scaling to modify the result further.

Check page 230 for more detail.

I know that I can draw automation. :slight_smile:

My question is if I can use some kind of LFO to automate things.
LFOs have advantage of being more immediate than drawing curves, you can play with LFO and get interesting results.

Yes, on MIDI and Instrument tracks using the ‘AutoLFO’ midi plug-in as an insert on the track.


But how do you assign a VSTi parameter to the Auto LFO?

Missed this question: the AutoLFO can be assigned to any standard CC. You just have to identify from the VSTi documentation which CC is used for controlling the parameter of interest.

It might also be possible to assign the AutoLFO CC to the Quick Control using the same CC as used for a specific Quick Control knob assignment … and then from the Quick Control directly select the named VSTi (or any other track) parameter.

Haven’t tried this … but I think I’m going to.