Modwheel to Layer trigger?

I have create a 4 layer patch , layer 1 is soft layer 4 is Hard , at the moment I have each layer set to Midi Velocity 0 - 127 , I was looking to see if the mod wheel could elect the layers , so I can set the keyboard to fixed 127 ?


You can use a MegaTrig MIDI module inside each layer, like this:

and for each MegaTrig instance add a “Modulation” condition (under the “MIDI controller” category), like this:

and then set the desired Modwheel range for each layer.

Amazing thank you ! Only problem is this doesn’t work if you hold note down , only seems to work on re trigger .

can I ask what the Zone 1 thing does ?

Hi @grayedout

You could also try to map the layers according to velocity.

But use controller instead of velocity. When you set the velocity mode to Continuous you can crossfade between the layers while you hold down the note.

Amazing Thank you so much !

Indeed, it only works on re-trigger. If you need it to work while you hold down the note then misohoza’s method is the way to go.

In my example? Zone 1 was just a basic Synth Zone that I created inside the Layer 1.

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thank you both :). I like both way of doing these Modwheel function very helpful