MODX & external AudioInterface

Additionaly to what @mkok just stated, I would suggest to keep the ASIO AI driver as the one used by Cubase (which AI, by the way ?). After this, check, in the Studio > Audio connections window that everything is set correctly : you should have, in both Inputs and Outputs panels, the same busses defined as inputs/outputs physically available on your AI.

Now, if you want to record the audio signal coming from the MODX, be sure that the audio outputs of your MODX is connected rightly to the line inputs of the AI and be sure that audio tracks have been created to receive it.

Beside this, which Cubase version do you have (Pro, Artist,…) ? If you have the Pro version and want to record audio in real time, you can use the dummy bus technique, after having set the MODX as an External Instrument. See here, for more details (I am using a Vsti , but it works the same way with the External Instrument feature, as they also appear in Cubase in the Instrument Rack section) :

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