mojave and halion and orchestra

Since i upgrade to Mojave, Halion and Orchestra are lost, how to reinstall ?
Thank you.

You can run Steinberg Download Assistant and run the HSSE3 and HSO installers from the Dorico Pro 2 selection on the left-hand side.

Thank you for your reply, but download assistant is not working too. When opening it, i have just a white page.Mojave is a strange thing!

Mojave crashed my Mac when I first tried to upgrade and I lost my whole hard drive. With the help of Apple support I started again from scratch and as most things were on iCloud including all my Dorico music, no problem other than the time it took. With Dorico, having the hardware dongle, there was no problem in reloading everything from Steinberg as if I was a new purchaser including download assistant, the installers and the libraries. Magic.