(Mojave) Finder Focus issues / Dragging dropping WAV files into timeline

So I finally got around updating my OS to Mojave and use the full power (and stability) of Cubase 10.5 - I love it! My plugins don’t crash so often anymore!

Not all the time but every now and then I try to drag and drop a wav/aiff file from the finder into my timeline and cubase just doesn’t give me the green (+) mouse cursor and when I try to drop the file, nothing happens. So I use the option via the menu Import - > Audio… - to go into the folder where the file resides, I always drag the file directly into that open Finder client window so that it switches the file path and shows me the file to import. This also never works in Mojave. There are similar issues with Finder elsewhere, not just in Cubase. And one of the workarounds is to click a button in the finder title bar (for example: open network path…) and then close the dialog again. This invokes the focus back onto that finder window and everything works normal again. In Cubase, I have to do the same - by opening a dialog somewhere and closing it.

Any way to solve this ?


I haven’t came across to this. I’m using the File Browser within MediaBay in Cubase.

Yeah this isn’t much of an issue anymore on my new mac.