mojave gfx lag when assigning QCs /gfx subsystem issue

I feel that something is not quite right with the cubase 11 gfx section

The toolbox gfx overlay is broken
(cannot get the toolbox drop down menus to show correctly)


When using midi learn to assign QCs (clicking from only QC to th next with mouse) … It is laggy like I have never experienced
-takes so long for the next QC slot to be selected after clicking…


Yes, there is clearly something wrong with the graphics subsystem in cubase…

I can have 9 tracks playing without any crackles… (somewhat heavy load)
as soon as i select all channels in arranger (highlight all tracks - not any events)

cubase starts crackling…
(-performance meter goes into red)

sooo, there must be a connection between the peaky crackles and teh way cubase handles the gfx…

hope this helps
(and hope you can unlink the gfx from the audio)


edit: remember, you only might notice this if your system is under a good load)


-create a folder with tracks in arranger…
-then hide the folder in the mixer section visibility
-drag a new track into the folder in arranger

result: the newly dragged track is not hidden in mixer section

-Click on folder visibility checkmark (to make folder visible in mixer area)
-Hide folder again
-Track is now hidden as it should be.

-in old versions, if moving tracks into a folder in arranger (that is hidden in mixer) > track was automatically hidden in mixer section- as it should be…

Another example of how the gfx subsystem is buggy … I assume it has to do with some gfx refresh/redraw or layering issue or something…

All of these issues have to do with the gfx section of cubase 11 not working correctly…


I will bump this…

… because i care:)



Can you make a screen recording of your graphics issue? (You can use Quicktime Player to do this)

Hi Arne:)

Sure can, thx…

-The right click toolbox pointer (and other dropdown selections in the toolbox) that does not expand properly…
-The slowed down awkward selection of the next QC slot from the last in midi learn mode…
-The Audio performance that takes a hit when some tracks are selected…
-The Tracks not getting hidden in the Mixer section (unless one toggles the visibility settings again)…

Do these things actually work for you? (Curious)
-keep in mind , this is a new (old 2015) mac book pro… vanilla machine basically, running mojave… (if that helps)

-video coming soon… and… thank you:)
(Personal note-Got half a headache, so i will post it when im better… -will also delete this sentence then)

quick update… :

  • the toolbox issue… The reason that it is acting this way is because in previous versions of cubase (with the nicer -somewhat adjustable- toolbox) if you would hover over a tool, it would be highlighted automatically. then you could easily access the dropdown menus… In this new version, the tools are not highlighted when hovering over them, and require you to highlight them first to have the dropdown menu work properly… (also takes way more time than it used to… in old versions i could rightclick and then leftclick in microseconds and the dropdown menu would appear and stay on screen… now it takes a long time and you have to hold both buttons etc… im sure you know what i mean…

-the QC issue - i see now that you can click twice to be faster… (past versions only needed one click) thats why i thought it took so long… it can get “moody”… when one assigns multiple slots in a row… one click on the next slot wont be enough after assigning a control by twirling a knob on a vst… you need to click the slot, move away with the mouse and the hover over the slot again for it to turn blue…(gfx overlay thing maybe - and hit n miss)

-The gfx Audio performance thing… an example: i just opened a track in c9 and in c11 (same track - approx 50-60% performance meter) …
c11: If I grab the edge of the window and pull it from side to side (resize window) the audio starts crackling…
c9 : If I grab the edge of the window and pull it from side to side (resize window) the audio stays perfect…
(screen recording makes the audio unusable and crackly in this one, so i didnt make one - not a good testing scenario)

-the tracks not hidden when dragging into (hidden in mixer) folder - here the track needs to be hidden manually again after the move - just needs a :if track is moved to hidden folder, then uncheck visibility in mixer visibility agent…

(basically a lot of the the things that required one click or fast clicks now require 2 mouseclicks, and holding buttons, and is laggy - literally wasting 2x the time for what used to be instantaneous) - this is a degradation of workflow…
(gfx overlays issue in c11?)

-(i skipped v10 so i dont know if it already started there… (skipped because of too many reasons to list now - i had the license etc, just some things did not work anymore compared to v9) - now im giving v11 some airtime tho- just to not fall behind too much on whatever)

OK, you mix and match many things. It’s not easy to follow. But I try:
1.) Toolbox issue: this one is known and already in our bug database
2.) QC: Will add this one to our bug database
3.) Can you reproduce the audio crackling without resizing a window? And do you often resize windows?
4.) Track dragged into hidden folder: I think that this is as designed. Maybe make a new post and ask others what they think about.

Thanks a lot, dear Arne:)

(I figured that all these issues had to do with the gfx subsystem - that is why i grouped them in one thread;) ) - maybe im wrong;)

1&2> cool, thx:)

  1. -maybe, I have not tested all scenarios yet… i can do some more testing and report back… -but- this could be an early indicator that something is wrong with the gfx (it is fine in v9 with same project , and, resizing a window should not affect audio playback or audio performance…)
  • i do not resize the main window a lot, nearly never actually… (definitively not something that is stopping the music;)) - just an observance…)
  1. OK, will do some more research…Thx a lot:)