Mojave to catalina cubase doesn't load my profile file.

Moved from Mojave to catalina, used my profile save and cubase doesn’t load my profile file.


Any error message? Or what happened exactly, please?

Hi martin, no error message, just that none of my key configurations were transfered (its all cubase’s default keys.


Did you restart Cubase after you import and select the profile in Cubase, please?

Yes I did.
Didn’t work.


Sorry it was reply to Pierott (I should quote him to make it clear).

To your case, I’m not really familiar with Windows (and its permissions, file-naming issues, etc.), I’m sorry.

Well, indeed my profile file was 1kb, so i guess that there is nothing there.
Nothing that almost two hours recalibrating cubase instead of working couldn’t fix.

Again…steinberg…thank you so much for your “gota get that new cubase version out regardless it being ready or not” attitude,
Which cost me numerous hours of forum exploration in order to fix somethings that worked just fine the previous versions.


You could just copy the Preferences folder to the new computer (and rename the folder, if you changes the platform). This would do most of the job.