I’m playing around with MIDI over Lan CP (MolCp III) but I cannot get it to work.

Is there anybody here who can point me in the right direction ?
I’ve installed it on both PC’s and setup one as “send” and one as “receive” This seems to work but how do I setup Cubase correctly to “send” the MIDI data to my other system that runs Nuendo 6 Trial and how do I setup Nuendo to record it ?

I’m new to this whole MIDI stuff and unless I use the wrong keywords in Google I cannot find much information on this.


See screenshot



Thank you !

So this is for the sending system and for the one receiving I set the same port as Input for my MIDI instrument ?


Select the same port at the receiving side and actiavte “midi in” for that port.
I’ve tried the Source computer name system, but that turned out to not work very well.
Admitted, that was in one of the early versions of MolCp.
My guess is that this is also working properly now.


Thank you again Fredo,

I’ll have a deeper look into this during the weekend