mon matrix. anyone know if any other daw has this

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Quoting your other thread as others may want to get involved in the discussion:

I have a Control Room setup along the lines of your second example. I have a stereo pair of monitors on output 1 and then the same pair of monitors on output 2 but with the addition of a mono sub. This is done by setting it up as an LRC + Lfe output and then using the Waves M360 Manager plugin to create a separate signal for the sub which allows control of levels/phase/high and lowpass filters etc. Works perfectly. One downside is that this takes up two of the 4 available monitor outputs.

hey thaks for that … can this pluginn be brought as a stand alonr or ist it part of a pack??
are there any lat issues and colouring of my mix ?

Don’t believe it’s available as a single plugin but check the Waves site.

No latency issues.

RE: Colouring the mix… nothing to worry about there. The only ‘colouration’ would be if you are using the high/low pass filters which is what you would have in any kind of crossover anyway. I run my stereo monitors without a high pass filter so the signal is completely untouched. I then low pass the signal going to my sub.

I did use a similar free plugin for this purpose a few years ago. ‘Bass Manager’ by Kelly Industries. Did the job well although I think there probably isn’t a 64Bit version of it available.

I know there’s also a bass management plugin by Voxengo which would probably do this job although I have no personal experience with it.

I believe Presonus Studio One 3 will do this but it must be paired with their Studio 192 AI. Ask on their forum and see what you get.

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