Money back for Cubase 10 upgrade. Non-compliance with the contract. What is procedure?


I am disappointed. I am using 9.5 instead of 10.0.10 build 100. Not because of habits.

Does anyone knows how to start procedure of money back for Cubase 10 (upgrade from 9.5)?
There is no such answer in Steinberg knowledge base.

I use this program for work, not for fun. It is a tool. When I buy a hammer, it have to hammer nails.
When I buy a Cubase it have to work stable and fast.

Cubase 10 is buggy, unstable and very slow (and worse than 9.5 version.). That means it is not what I paid for.

I did not want to buy something worse than I had. I do not want to be free beta tester as well.

Whole community noticed hundreds of issues but still without any reaction.

As a EU consumer, can I demand a refund under the warranty for non-compliance with the contract?
Is anyone with some legal knowledge?

I suspect your first step should be to hire an attorney.

I have no legal knowledge- in fact, most of what i know is probably illegal.

But I do have a link to the law you refer to.