"Monitor 16-bit Dithering" weirdness

I don’t understand the “Monitor 16-bit Dithering” option in the Master Section: when I enable it, acording to the Bitmeter, I get 8-bit audio (and a lot of hiss) … is it supposed to be enabled it in order for me to hear the Dithering plugin section ?

I get the same thing. I wonder if it’s broken?

I have never really used this option though because I only want to monitor 16-bit dithering if I have used a dither plugin to do so.

I’m not totally sure what the point of this feature is but it does seem broken.

This is normal. This function “amplifies” the noise or its dither correction. For this purpose, the signal is quantized to 8 bit.
Compare the signal with and without dithering, using this function, and then you have a good idea of the dithering work.

I see, I think the way the feature is named, gives a false impression of what it does. Especially if it can work to monitor 24-bit dithering as well.

+1. Something like ‘Dithering Check’ would better cover the function.