Monitor controller for AXR4?

Hi there,

After a two year break from recording and mixing (Logic), I recently jumped in again with a new setup:Steinberg AXR4 and Nuendo/Cubase.

My question: Would you recommend an outboard monitor controller (two pairs of monitor speakers plus headphones) like the Dangerous Source, or is it possible to manage everything via Control Room?

Are there any opinions regarding that topic?

Thanks in advance


i don’t own AXR4, but i believe you can control few monitors/headphones with control room as far as you have few outputs on your AXR4 available. you also can use midi controller and assign it to control cubases control room functions if u need tactile feel and control.

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Thanks @mozizo!

I have a CC121, so it seems I can use it to control the monitors?
I am still struggling to understand NUENDO :wink:, I found myself switching to CUBASE AI all the time…hopefully, I get used to it in a little while.

i think u can use and assign the 4 function buttons and the Value knob of the CC121 to control some of the control room functionality on cubendos control room

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Thanks! I appreciate your advice!