Monitor Enable/Disable With ONE BUTTON?

Hey Fellow DAW-Y’ALLZ,
I’ve put up with not knowing how to enable/disable all of the track/channel monitors with one button…so that I when I switch from headphones to studio monitors I don’t get feedback. I’ve searched the manual but can’t track it down, and I’m fed up with going in and pressing every little orange speaker button every time I want to listen to a playback. Thanks.

I think you need to repost this topik a few more times. Three isn’t enough.

Hmm, don’t know why it did that. I surely did not intend more than one…your sarcasm is less annoying though, right. get it? i put some lame irony into the mix. like that? want more? 3x more?

Create a folder track put your recording tracks in that then activate the multi track editing button on the folder track.

Job done.