Monitor keeps turning itself on

Hi there,

Every time I select an audio track, the Monitor (yellow button) turns itself on. If I turn it off, it then turns itself back on every time I press ‘Play’. Infuriating when I’m trying to work on an audio track as obviously I can’t hear the recorded audio when the Monitor is on.

I assumed this was a preference setting but I can’t find anywhere to change the behaviour, so maybe it’s a bug?

Would very much appreciate some help.


Cubase 7.5.2
Windows 7 64-bit

Aloha N,

This may (or may not) help.

Check page 118-119 in the manual.
Monitoring via Cubase

Good Luck!

Hi Neeko57,

open the preferences and go to VST. Your have probably set “Auto Monitoring” to “While Record Enabled”. Change it to “Manual” and voila :slight_smile:


Many thanks both. All sorted.