Monitor Mixes with UR44 in Cubase 7 Artist

Hi Everyone,

im kinda lost, so maybe someone can help me.

Im Trying to set up:

(From the same input)
Monitoring on Main Output without any Effect

Monitoring on Headphones 2 with Reverb

I can do that easy in the dspMixFX, but i cant use that when im using cubase.
I understand that i can do it with ControlRoom but unfortunately i dont´t have that in Cubase Artist.
I made a second Stereo Bus with UR44 Mix 2 L/R, i can playback with it, but i dont see a way to send my input simuntaneously to both Mixes. A “send” doesnt´t work.
Can somebody help me with this? I really like the dspMixFX, is there a way i can use it with Cubase?

so i figured out:

i can use 2 seperate tracks, both with input 1, one with mix1 as output, the other one with mix2, and activate monitoring on both. That works, but its pretty inconvenient.
I can do it with a send, but then i have to disable direct monitoring, thats also not the solution.

Is there a way?

If not I think its pretty stupid. With other DAWs it wouldn´t be a problem, but with Cubase i can only do it with Control Room, but will have to spend another 300$ for upgrading. That would be a reason to return the UR44.