Monitor Outs on the UR28M

I’m considering picking one of these up but have a functional question regarding the three monitor switches. I have two separate sets of monitors and a subwoofer. In my current setup (presonus project and monitor mix) I have the option of running each of my monitor pairs with, or without subwoofer. This is very helpful when doing final mixes and mastering. Okay, here’s the question:

Can the UR28M allow you to have all three monitor pairs on at one time?.. Or do they only toggle across the three busses?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Martin,

Yes you can have all outputs active simultaneously, although the manual does a pretty lame job of explaining it.

You can have 3 “mixes” set up in your Steinberg supplied software. If you leave all three mixes at unity and then simply assign Mix 1 to Output A, Mix 2 to Output B, Mix 3 to Output C, and set your outputs to operate in “independent” mode, then all outputs will be active and discreetly controllable from your DAW. If you link the output levels in the control software, then the volume knob works as a master controller for all 6 channels, which is nice.

I’m using the UR28M for 5.1 mixing this way from ProTools, and it works like a charm.


Many thanks Chris