Monitor speaker X-mas gift

I recently got a monitor speaker( parents just wanted to get me something and had no idea i needed two) and when I hooked it up, no sound comes out. i’ve looked everywhere online and in cubase. I’ve gone to studio tab and selected my interface. I have sound through my interface headphones, and the mic works so i know the interface is working, i’ve checked my audio connections and it says i’ve selected my interface on the outputs. I really have no clue what’s going on. Speaker is on, volume turned up, it’s running XLR on speaker to TRS on interface. if anyone could please help me so that i could enjoy me christmas gift, it would be like a second christmas for me and i would really appreciate it.

I am running: Cubase 9.5 le
speaker is: m-audio bx5 d3
interface is: m-audio 2x2
os is: windows 10

this is also my first post, sorry if this is in the wrong place!

Is the audio track set up to use the stereo out bus (that is set up in the VST connection output tab) as the output? Also… if you have only one speaker, it may work better if connected to the left channel of the stereo output.

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