Monitor stopped working Cubase 10.5 which preference?

So I tried the monitor a track within Cubase pressing the monitor button on the track. The input could see the signal, when the monitor button was pressed the channel could see the signal. The channel was routed to main out and other channels were outputting. When I soloed the track you could see the meter move up and down with the input but nothing on the main out even though routed there.

Now I opened Cubase in safe mode and bypassed preferences and it worked. Is there a preference that stops monitor working or are my preferences trashed? I would prefer not to delete them as I have a few settings I use.

No answers please about checking levels and routing. I’ve used Cubase for years and know I’ve set it up right. I also tried on a empty project which didn’t work with my preferences in tact. I did the exact same with preferences bypassed and it worked. Thanks


I would double-check these preferences:

  • VST > Auto Monitoring; default value is Manual
  • Enable Solo on Selected Track; default = disabled

Btw, is the Constrain Delay Compensation enabled or disabled on your side? Default is disabled.

Thanks. I did check these as well as reboot my pc and nothing worked. However since I bypassed the preferences it now works. Really odd as I’m not bypassing now as I still have my preferences and haven’t change anything else. Something definitely got stuck but seems to be working ok now :grin:

I finally got to the bottom of it. Firstly I had hardware monitor enabled and that was the part that wasn’t working for me. So I thought all was well as mentioned above until I tried to put an effect on the monitored track and I got nothing. I looked on my rme TotalMix and saw when I enabled monitor the slider jumped up for that input. Also I noticed that direct monitor only does this on the input towards the main out on TotalMix and not on the headphone out. I’m not sure how to change this but it’s probably in TotalMix but I can use the sliders myself in TotalMix.

So mystery solved and now I can add an effect to a live input. Latency not too bad as I’m on 64 samples which is only a couple ms.