I want to monitor (in my headphones) what I’m recording as I’m adding a track to what I’ve already recorded. Can this be done within Cubase (6) or is it a function of my input device which is a Line6 UX2.

Simply hit the monitor button on the track you’re recording. That’ll have some latency, if your audio interface has direct monitoring this is better. Take in account that a direct monitor will not apply any plugins/eq you have on the recording track, if you have any.

No joy I’m afraid. Does the monitor button require setting up in any way. I should have said that I’m using both the main out in amp & spk’s and the headphone out on the UX 2 to monitor playback.

Ah, I see you need the volume slider on the recorded channel up as well, Dohhhhhhh :blush:
Thanks for you reply, I’ll get on with my recording now