Monitoring a Render (using External Gear)?

I’m attempting to Render a Clip through my analog gear (using the External Gear plugin in the Master Section) while simultaneously monitoring the signal as it comes back via my HEDD. I suppose this would be possible if I had a monitor controller, but I don’t. Any ITB solutions?

Maybe you’re looking for this?

Halfway there. I see that selecting this option enables the meters during rendering, however, I want to be able to hear the render as it is happening. Is this possible? I have one client whose tracks are frequently 20 minutes in length and I like to listen while I capture…just in case something goes awry.


I see. There is currently not such option. But it is planned.

That would be awesome. So far, the lack of this feature is the only downside I can see with waveLab.

Oh…and not being able to use the External Gear plug-in at the Clip level.

I, and a lot of others, have been asking for this from version 6 when external gear was introduced.
There is a workaround which is, record what is played back. Search for it.
Good to hear that it’s going to be implemented, but still, it should have been there a really long time ago…

Maybe version 10 will be the magic number!

Thank you for the suggestion to Record What Is Played Back. This works perfectly, but it does change how I planned to implement my workflow. I think now I would simply Add the new recording to the current montage, mute the original, and assemble the project. If I need to recapture my analog processing, I simply Re-Record and select Replace Audio File. Fades and Markers remain unchanged.

Any flaws to working like this?