Monitoring behavior


I’m not shure if i do something wrong, but please check this ‘bug’:

The manual says clearly: ‘When the Control Room is disabled on the Studio tab of the VST Connections window, the Main Mix bus is used for monitoring. (page 31)’. Well, it is certanly not. It’s the output that’s defined for the audio track (e.g.: main mix bus ist 1/2, but the audio track’s output is 5/6. if you hit the monitor button and the control room is deactivated, the monitor signal is routet to 5/6. And it doen’t matter if direct monitoring is enabled or not…)

So, whats up with that?

Cheer, Tomess

Which outputs have the little speaker icon selected in VST Connections?

In this Scenario: Output 1/2

Only in Cubase Artist is the defined Main bus fixed as the monitor bus. In Cubase you can definitely output any track to any output or mix you want. The defined “main mix” simply defines what the “default” output bus will be i.e. if you simply say “add new track” then it will be automatically routed to the predefined main mix - but you can change this. Also, the main mix bus is the bus that will be used by media bay etc. for previewing. If a main mix is not defined, you will hear no output when previewing - this is why you must still define a main mix in the outputs section even with “not connected” when using the CR.