Monitoring during recording

I’m new to Cubase 11 and cannot figure how to cover a simple scenario: I would the singer to hear her voice with a little reverb while recording. I tried the delay compensation, but it really degrades the sound and lowers the volume. Any suggestions?

I remember that years ago I could record with lower latency with a way less powerful computer and the exact same audio interface. What am I missing? The 4 ms I have with my interface are so increased, and I thought it was the ASIO Guard but nothing changes disabling it (reasonably)

So 4ms is good and should be ok but the reverb itself will add latency. Are you sure you were not using direct monitoring in the past? I know I was and it’s the reason I got an rme interface which allows me to add a bit of reverb on the direct signal.

I remember that I recorded voices with 4ms latency and it was so little that even adding some reverb it didn’t change much and the singer had a quite good monitoring. I’ve the same problem bypassing the inserts: it seems that the latency is really much more than the 4ms showed on the audio system configuration. How is it possible?

Is that input and output latency? What interface are you using? Will your buffers go any lower?

Both in anad out is 4ms on my Scarlett 2i2. Buffers are at the lowest value, 16.

So that would be 8ms plus the reverb. Still should be ok but getting close to what we can detect especially with vocals as you hear singing in your own head so even small latency can be noticeable. I’m not at home otherwise I would check it out on my own and adjust for similar latency.

It could be something around 100ms, it’s really frustrating: it seems impossible to have good earing while recording. I’ll do some other experiment, the manual is not helping me…

Solved! Started from scratch, maybe some insert on the master or something that I had not considered while working on a sample project.

Ah good to hear. Inserts on the master catches a lot of people out. They are not really recommended until you have done a final mix. I never use them at all but use wavelab to master.

Good point, thank you!