Monitoring external effects in mixer

Did we lose the ability to see outbound and inbound levels on external effects? I can’t figure out how to turn them on in the mixer.


TTT… please?

Not sure I understand the question.
AFAIK, nothing has changed, the send signals are send through regular sends, and the return signals come in through an FX channel. What am I missing?


In Nuendo 5, those channels showed up in the mixer. They don’t seem to now. I can see input channels, and FX channels, and output busses, but none of those assigned to external effects show up in the mixer.

Maybe you don’t have “FX” enabled in “Type of tracks” selecter box in the mixer.

Here I can see my external FXes on Nu6.

I haev all channels selected.

I can see input channels
I can see output channels

I cannot see external effect channels. I cannot figure out how to get them to display in the mixer.

The external effects are WORKING, I just cannot monitor the sent and return levels! This seems so obvious, it must be something simple I am doing wrong.

Can you post a screenshot of your external effects displaying in the mixer? I basically don’t believe it. I’ve been through literally everything in the product looking for this…

In Nuendo 5 I had to do NOTHING to see them. They were just there. The looked like input and output channels.

I will tomorrow.

I’m attaching a picture of my screen in playback mode. You can see where I have all channels selected, external effects configured in the VST connections, AND, I’m actively using the external plug in. Audio is passing through the compressor just fine!

But, no mixer channel for it…

Are you sure they really showed up in the actual mixer before? I just skimmed through the N5 manual and didn’t see anything. If you still have it installed perhaps you can launch it and take a screenshot.

Well, now that you mention it, I’m not sure. :wink: I thought they showed up as bus channels? I do remember being able to monitor them, though. How else do you set the gain for the sends… and especially, the return?

Well, if I remember what I saw correctly in the manual you’d get to set that up by accessing it in an insert. Does that sound right?

Other than that it would be like in PT in that you’d essentially set the send level earlier in the signal chain on that track, and then set levels on the actual device for what goes back into Nuendo…

…I think.

That’s been my experience.


Here is the picture. As you can see, the channel appears (FX1 : TCElectronics).
ext fx NU6.jpg

oops sorry, misread the post

How BIZARRE! As you can see in my screen shot, I simply don’t have these channels showing, even though they are active and signal is flowing through them!

Suggestions on what might be the cause?

This is weird!

I could be wrong, but I think what Bifop is showing is a regular FX channel with the external effect on an insert, not an “External Effect Channel”. That’s what it looks like in the left mix window.

I think it would be better if you want to move forward if you open up Nuendo 5 take a screenshot and show what your talking about.

I don’t have N5 installed anymore ;(

Maybe someone in the N5 section can do it?