Monitoring Folders / track selection disables it

Hi again,

I am troubled by the fact that selecting tracks in a Folder that has Monitoring on, and then selecting another track in the same Folder disables the Monitoring state of the previous selected tracks. I need to keep the preference option " Enable Record on selected MIDI/ Audio track " activated, otherwise my macros won’t function correctly.

Any suggestions?

Please refer to the the attached screencaps, in that particular order. Don’t now how to make GIFs…

Anyone? I might be wrong, but it seems as if this behaviour started overnight…would this potentially be an indicator for corrupted preferences? Never really happened to me before as far as I know.

The logic of folder use is often illogical!

It’s not just this thats weird - solo’s and mutes can get right out of whack as well. I often have to use the global solo and mute to reset the status because they’ve become incorrectly set in a folder.