monitoring input + audio playback.

The operation manual advises that when monitoring via Cubase, the input signal is mixed with the playback and this allows Effects & EQ to be added to the monitor signal using the Tracks Channel which do not become part of the actual recording . I am using a Cubase PRO 9 with a recently purchased UR44 interface, set up with Direct Monitoring and no matter what I have tried I cannot get this to work. Has anyone else had the same issue or have a solution?

In what way isn’t it working? Do you mean you can’t monitor the recording?

Have you got the orange monitor button (like a speaker) on the track pressed?

Also, how is monitoring set under Preferences/ VST/ Auto Monitoring?

To be clear…you don’t add these effect to the record track. They are the dsp effects in the integrated input channel and this works only with the specific Steinberg dsp FX.

So have you got as far as these channels shown in this pic labelled HARDWARE?

Thanks for the feedback.
I have the hardware rack visible and am able to use the UR44 dsp fx, so yes to your question.
I have a mono input from channel 3 on my UR44 going an Audio track. Mono 3 shows hardware options (as above) but I do not want to place Inserts on Mono 3 that become part of the audio recording. What I was trying to do was add additional inserts on Audio Track in order to use these in part to boost volumes so I can hear monitoring better(compression) and in part to also use a base effect that I can either fine tune or alter completely later.

What I was trying to do was add additional inserts on Audio Track

You mean on the track you are recording to?
So you have to disable direct monitoring and then the monitor button on the track will let you hear the track effects…but delayed by the current latency.

Also to be clear…placing the steinberg dsp effects on the input channel does not mean you have to record them. This is switchable so they are recorded or monitor only as far as I recall.

Thank you for the help.
I assumed that as the manual said the ASIO Direct Monitoring is a combination of both the ‘Via Cubase’ and Externaly listening’ I should leave Direct Monitoring checked. Will un-check this and hope it resolves my issue.
I take note of your comments on latency and was aware that the dsp effects in the UR44 input channel are optional and controlled in the Hardware Rack.
Thanks again for the feedback.