Monitoring issue...

Just bought cubase 6 artist. My first attempt with a DAW, so please bear with me. I have an issue with monitoring and recording MIDI. I have my digital piano/keyboard running through Native Instument’s Audio Kontrol 1 interface. I select “all MIDI inputs”, which shows a reaction in my mixer, however i cannot hear any playback when monitoring. There are two output choices that I have that do two different things. The first is the Audio Kontrol 1 out. I can record with this output, but cannont monitor or playback. The other output choice is Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. It will allow me to monitor (with bad latency) and can playback what i record if i record with the other output (audio kontrol 1). However if i try to record with the Microsoft GS Wavetable output, nothing gets recorded. Not sure what the problem is, but i am totally lost and confused. Please HELP!

And once again: MIDI is not Audio.
Google “MIDI” and learn what it is and does first. There are also al lot of “can´t here MIDI” threads on the forum already. And there a lot of info in the Cubase manual also. In short: MIDI data needs a sound generating device be be heard. Real MIDI instrument or a VSTI for example MS Wavetable Synth is a Windows device and therefore not included in Cubase mixdowns and the bad latency.

Why don’t you try plugging your digital piano audio outs into a mixer and monitor that way.

With MIDI you record the performance data and play it back, that way you can edit your performance and make minor adjustments.

Using a mixer you can also plug the outputs of your audio interface into it and listen to virtual instruments along with your digital piano.

best of luck