Monitoring Media Bay through headphones?

Hi peeps,

I’m using the control room, and it seems one can only audition sounds from the Media Bay through the “Monitor 1” channel.

I’ve got my Phones output running out to it’s own output on the soundcard (and thereafter to a dedicated D/A and headphone pre-amp)

So my first observation is that the Media Bay audition doesn’t output to the stereo output bus, but directly to the Monitor 1 channel.

OK, i can imagine it’s because if one has a compressor or tape sim or whatever on the main stereo bus in the mixer, then you don’t want to audition raw sounds through all that crap…

…but what is the logic to the Media Bay output only going to Monitor 1?

Sure, i know you can change it (either / or) in the Preferences, but what if i’m switching between phones and speakers? I don’t want to have to keep going in to the prefs.

And anyway, i don’t see why this behaviour would be desirable / logical.

Anyone? Any workarounds?

Thanks! … J


Preferences > VST > Control Room > Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel

Use a shortcut key

Thanks, i didn’t know you could make a shortcut for that, that fixes it.

Still, doesn’t make sense to me that it’s an either / or choice, don’t see the logic in not out-putting it to both monitors and phones!

By the way, the forum changed, no longer possible to thank anyone, guess it’s a temporary thang…

Agreed. Doesn’t make sense to me either.