Monitoring Mic when playing back.


Is there an automatic or easier way to monitor the mic in the booth other than hitting the monitor button on a track when you want to hear it.

For example, your singer just records a take and wants to hear the track back so you disable the monitor button, playback and you and your singer hear the track just fine. BUT, to hear them you have to select another channel and hit the monitor button? Is there an easier more streamlined way of doing this?


Looks to me like you have monitoring set to “manual”. Go to File/Preferences/VST en set Auto Monitoring to “Tapemachine style”.

Thank you I am away from the studio right now so I cant check, but if i recall correctly this will still only let me hear the booth mic when recording and when stopped. During playback i still wont be able to monitor mic. for example if the singer is requesting me to stop playback.

It would be better if we could monitor from the input channel. Maybe i can set the input as aux like i do in Pro Tools and have it recording to a different channel. ?

or just set up another track and use that for monitoring off instead… use one track for recording to/playback and the other purely for monitoring off…then delete it when you’re done!

Or use the Control room.