Monitoring Play in the editor ...

I find that I can’t hear the editor material unless I set it up as a monitor in the Control Room. Is this me missing something? Why can’t it just play?

And when I send it to the control room monitor, it doubles the sound into the main mix. Would control room outputs normally be another pathway, like a second channel (pair) on my audio card? I can do that, too.

Normally if you for example connect speakers to outputs 1/2 on your interface your main mix output will not go to those outputs. Instead you set your Control Room monitor outs to those physical outs, and use the main mix output as a source in CR.

In other words CR will “tap” the signal on the main mix output and then do the routing to the physical output. I believe it’s pretty clearly described in the manual or in a video about CR on YouTube.

Thank you, Mattias. I’ll have to study. I have tried all this and can’t get the actual coonections figured out. Frustrating.

Set “stereo out” to “not connected” in vst connections if using control room.

Thank you, G. That solved a lot.