Monitoring Problems with Master Section after installing 9.5.35

I am running Windows 7. I am running WL 9.5.35. I am using ASIO through my RME card and into my Avocet controller. I was listening to some music off a file. I wanted to just listen to the left track so I took down the right fader and no change in the monitor. So I took down the left fader as well and no change in the monitors. I tried all the different combination accessible under the faders like MONO, Left only, Right only etc. No change in the monitors. Then I set the preference for audio to MME and the signal dropped to 1/2 the level in ASIO. Then WL rebooted and went through all the plugins and reset everything. Now the monitors are working correctly. I have re-setup WL but just wanted others to know what happened and you should check you monitoring setup inside of WL. This happened after I installed 9.5.35.

Scary :astonished: .