Monitoring question

Hi everybody

I have an issue with Cubase and I was hoping you could help me with that.
very briefly:

I can’t seem to find a way to listen to a mix of a track’s content AND the incoming live signal at the same time.
Two examples:

I just recorded a guitar part through a virtual amp. I’d like to try out some stuff (either for overdubs or another guitar part), so it would be great if I could just play along to what I just recorded without having to create a new track, migrate the settings, etc.

I work with a singer and we find it a bit disconcerting that she can’t hear herself through the mic at all times, even during playback. If she needs to try out something real quick while playback is running, or talk to me, she can’t. I know I could use The direct monitoring from my MOTU, but that would mean the signal doesn’t run through the compressors, delays, etc (I tend to keep the incoming signals at around - 12db, so the difference in volume is quite noticeable).

Could you please tell me if I can do that in Cubase? I come from another DAW in which you could do that, and I’d like to know if I’m missing something, before learning a new workflow

many thanks

You can´t monitor input and playback signal at the same timer on the same track when monitoring only through Cubase. It´s either one or the other (Input monitor “on” / “off”)

There’s a few ways of getting over this. For example I record onto one track, which I name ‘Vox In’ say, then when we’ve done takes and I want to audition them I quickly drag them over to a new (or duplicate) track, with effects and the like, say called ‘VoxForComp’.

Another way would be to duplicate the vocal track and click the speaker icon. Then you can leave this track alone and you’ll always be able to hear the mic, but it won’t record as the ‘arm’ button isn’t pressed.


There is a preference setting with a few alternatives. Maybe you can try that?
Menu > File > Preferences >
And there you select in the left pane
And to the right you have Auto Monitoring as the next to last item

You can just try the four options out and see if one of them fits your needs better than the rest.
Or check with the manual for a better description.
There it is anyway! :wink:

Thanks guys.

Really very helpful.
Have a nice one :slight_smile: