Monitoring sound while recording


I have an avid fast track duo interface. Every time I plug my Electric guitar using a TRS cable, I am able to monitor the sound while recording in cubase 7.5. But if I wire my sE condenser microphone using an XLR cable. I can’t monitor the sound while recording.

further clarification:
my sister needs to hear her voice while recording vocals. I gave her the headphones, created a control room in cubase 7.5 and sent cues from the mix console. But she can’t hear her voice while recording

Any idea?


Are the phones plugged into the output you have routed the phones to in CR?

Hi BriHar
There’s a mini jack port on the front of my interface. The headphones are plugged in it
first I want yo say that the control room is activated.

This is how I do it:
1- I press F4 for the vst connections window.
2- I go to the Studio panel
3- I create a Headphone that has 2 unconnected outputs and when I try to connect the outputs the message appears:
The selected device port is used exclusively. This connection will be ended. Do you want to continue?
4- I create cues in the MixConsole and send to Room A or cue 1 and nothing happens. I can’t even monitor the sound on the external monitors (while recording)

what is the hierarchy that I must follow?
Why I can monitor my Electric Guitar and not the condenser mic? when I monitor my guitar, I don’t even send cues, I just raise the nob the the headphone input on my interface

Your Interface apparently only has 2 outputs so your options are rather limited.
Forget creating a phones channel in the CR, you don’t have any outputs for it.
Perhaps your problem is simply forgetting to turn on the phantom power for the Mic!?

Thanks BriHar
Yes, my interface has only 2 outputs, but why I’m able to monitor my electric guitar? and not the condenser…?

Check the last line of my previous post. Condenser mics (with few exceptions) require +48V phantom power to operate. There’s a switch on the rear of your interface to turn this on/off and an LED on the front to indicate when it’s on.
Does turning Phantom power on work?

Yes, my condenser mic require phantom power and I turn it on every time I use it.
so the conclusion is if phantom power is turned on I can’t monitor the sound while recording?

OK, you see, you never mentioned that earlier and in order to help, well one needs to know these things. It’s going to be a long thread if we have to pull every detail out. This is why it’s preferable to describe your issues with as much detail as possible. Problems such as you’re having are very often something simple.

So, you have your guitar plugged in (which input?) with a TR cable, and you can hear it. Now if you unplug the guitar and plug in the mic with an XLR cable (in the same input!) then turn on phantom power (mic turned on if it has a switch?) you can’t hear it? Even if you increase the gain on the interface?
Do you hear anthing when pressing the direct monitor button?
Is the cable good? Have it checked or try another.

hi BriHar

problem solved! I can now monitor the sound while recording. I just turned off direct monitoring and I didn’t even send cues to the headphones nor even creating a headphone in the CR. Weird!

Thank you for you support

Glad you got it sorted. :wink: