Monitoring/tracking with effects. How?

Hi All, how do you put reverb/delay while you are recording without having the effect recorded?
Just for the singer to have a better sound in headphones. Im on cubase 7.5

Thanks a lot!

Well, actually I wonder why anyone would ask this question, but here is the short answer, because I do that all the time:

By putting fx on the track, not on the input channel. Regardless of the nature of fx invocation (insert or send).

Thx Navigator. What is the difference between the two?
Sorry for the numb question,
Thank you

Insert fx = in series, as part of a channel
Send fx = a separate channel where other channels can send their signal too, in addition (parallel)

So, except for some strange people, reverbs are used in parallel - and things like EQ and dynamic processing are used in series.

What interface do you use? Some get this done better than others, regarding latency.

Thanks for this, I have a RME UFX interface, on windows 7 - 64 bit.
So I presume I should record with the track going to the reverb as a send effect if I dont want to have the reverb recorded.