Monitoring trick!

Maybe everybody and his aunt already know this and maybe I did too but forgot about it.
Today I tried muting three tracks at once with the Key Command [M] (standard KC set?) and it worked.
I’m testing a microphone so I had six tracks recorded like two groups of three tracks with basically the same, one close to my face and one from a small distance so some room leaked in.
Now if “group 1” is muted and “group 2” is unmuted and all six tracks are selected hitting [M] swaps the mute state!
You don’t have to do anything else than that.
A small step for mankind … :blush: :laughing:
For those who missed it here it is again in all its glory!

M :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a handy functionalty! Works only in the project window, right? Hope it’s one of the things that will not get lost in the evolution of Cubase!


Just don’t mention that hitting “S” does the same thing, otherwise it might get jinxed also.

Oh … aaargh!

Did it work in the Forum too? :laughing:

Until I pressed “S” :laughing: