Monitoring when recording using lanes

When I’m recording using lanes, I hear the previous lane playing back in the phones when it cycles back to record a new one. I’m new to Cubase so the answer might be obvious to many, but I can’t seem to solve it. I selected “manual” monitoring, clicked off the monitor button, and all variations, but still hear the previous lane when recording a second one. I’m monitoring from an external interface (Tascam US-800).

Thanks for any help.

Hi Greg - assuming you’re talking about audio since you’ve mentioned the monitor button …

This won’t be direct help, but maybe the info might help indirectly: In my system when I turn on the little yellow monitoring button I don’t hear the previously recorded lanes. I have “direct monitoring” checked (not sure but I think that may be in the Preferences>VST section), and also IIRC I’m also set to “manual” monitoring.

I’ve never tried it with the little yellow monitor button “off” (i.e., not yellow).

HTH a little bit maybe -

In the transport bar (F2), on the far left (by default anyway) are your recording options. I can’t recall the exact name of each option, but it sounds like you have the one selected where it plays back the previous recording and stacking the new one below it. Change that to just ‘stacked’ and try again.

Thanks for your help!