Monitoring with MOTU 828 Mk3

Hi everyone

Does anyone have any recommended setups for using a MOTU 828 mk3 with cubase 6?

At the moment if i want 2 separate mixes (Control Room mix plus a performance headphone mix) i am creating a different group channel for each and assigning them to the corresponding output pairs on the MOTU.

This way i can send from one pair to the other - which i found you can’t do if they are standard output busses in cubase.

Is there a better way? Any tips at all using the MOTU and multiple outs in cubase would be really helpful!


Have you looked at the Cubase Control room?


Nothing to do with the 828 Mk3 (I’m using one)
I think you should have a look at Control Room Studio busses.
You could create one, assign the phone outs to that, and comfortably set a performing mix from the mixer…

Thanks for the prompt replies… I have looked briefly at the CR feature but it seems to exclude whatever pairs i assign in there from the main outputs section. Which must have put me off using it.

I would also like to have the audition tool map to my main mix. (which can’t be uncommon).

I will take a closer look at the CR feature again tonight and report back. Thanks again

by the way, could you elaborat eon “comfortably set a performing mix from the mixer” how in practice is that done? Using sends on each track i want the performer to hear? will the phones bus i create in the CR be listed in the sends options?

Thanks again

You really could start with reading the manual on studio sends.
Anyway, once you create a studio buss in VST connections, it’s sends become available in the mixer (extended view or in Channel Settings window)