Monitoring with reverb, but not recording the fx

Hi there.
I’m not that technical so please bare with me.
We have an old cuebase 3 sx and we’re pretty sure that you can’t record a dry vox whilst monitoring it with reverb.
Having tried everything and checked the manual and looked on- line, we came to the conclusion that it can’t be done unless we have a mixer with a seperate monitor mix, which we don’t at the moment. I was told that that if we change our audio interface to one with a built in fx, that would do it, but we don’t see how this would work either. The signal with the fx would still be going to the cuebase and therefore recorded.
Are we missing a trick here or are we chasing shadows.
Hoping somone can out our minds at rest.
Cheers Elaine

Hey Elaine,

create an FX track, insert the reverb of your choice on that one. Create a send on the track on which you are recording the vocals and route it to that FX track. Set the send to ‘pre fader’ so that the input signal gets to the FX track without being altered. Monitor the FX track only during recording, so that your soundcard-output won’t clip due to a too hot level.

That way you are recording your vocals dry into Cubase and listening to the vocals + reverb from the FX track.

You might want to consider putting a compressor plugin on the FX channel as well to even out the dynamics.

Hope that helps, cheers,


Tried that method in Cubase 5 and it doesn’t work

Then you did something wrong.