I’ll soon be upgrading to some decent monitors. I like the look of these:

Can I get better for the price? Are these OK?

I’m sure those aren’t terrible. A book I’m reading lately asserts that any ported monitor under $1500/pair is a “waste of money” but most of us, including moi, don’t have that kind of dosh to spend. See if you can find a freq response graph for it, as well as a time-domain graph, to see if it’s got any really bad resonances in the low end. If it does, I’d keep looking

Found this Doug but they recommend all things KRK :unamused:

The KRK’s are my next choice as well when I stop being poor and move back to lower middle class. :laughing:

Hi Phil,

Sound slike a good choice to me.
I’ve got the KRK RP6’s and I’m very happy with them. :sunglasses:


Hi Phil

RP6’s here too. Nothing at all wrong with them. Might not be quite as good as the Adam A7x’s that also listened to but they stood up pretty well considering they were less than half the money. How big is your room? Do you need 8" drivers or would you be better spending that on better smaller speakers? I dunno. You should really get a demo.

I got mine from these guys mainly because we were visiting our son in uni. They have a nice showroom with lots of very, very nice gear set up. They were very friendly and helpful too. :slight_smile: I would certainly deal with them again, even if it’s mail or internet ordering.


Did I read above somewhere they were ported speakers?

I found the following interesting regarding ported speakers, especially figures 1.3 through 1.5. I wish I’d read this before I bought mine.$29.85&

Ported isn’t a good idea according to that article. So what to buy? :confused:

Got ported Genelecs and I’m happy. 8040’s I believe.


Event APS 8s here. Ported. In a treated room.

They sound like whatever you put through them.

In the “analogue version” of the book, I think the author (Mike Senior) may make some recommendations for non-ported speakers at the low- to mid-price range … I’ll try and look when I get home and let you know what they are. And just to clarify - he said he didn’t think there were any great ported monitors he’d recommend until you got to a pretty significant price point (maybe around $1,500US, I’ll see if I remember that right or not) - beyond that he said they were made well enough to be great in the studio. I don’t remember the whys/wherefores about that, since it wasn’t exactly relevant in terms of my budget … :wink:

Having had experience with both I would say both have advantages and disadvantages. Not that many non ported designs at this price point around these days from what I see.

No heart feelings towards Mike Senior but I would seriously doubt anything he writes. He’s mix-rescue thingy is okay and actually he is a good mixing eng / producer - bit of a old-skool-touch in modern digital domain - but for HW tests he’s made and reported I beg to disagree for few of them. Like everything in S.O.S. Which - by the way - is still my favourite mag.


No real prejudices either way in this one … but the “waterfall” plots in those figures seemed to me (who really doesn’t know a lot about this) to support his conclusions. Have you maybe had a chance to took a look at the figures … what do you think?

your room will make them sound different from how the store made them sound … :wink:

As promised (p. 9, “Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio”):

" … I usualy point cash-strapped and would-be mix engineers in the direction of products such as NHT Pro’s M-00 and S-00 combination, or Blue Sky’s Media Desk aond Pro Desk systems, all of which are active, unported, and fairly full range".

Just for grins I looked up: . About $800 on-line now. About $1500. ? price.

Anybody actually own any of these, or heard them?

Great work Alexis :sunglasses: