mono and stereo symbols on project tracks ?

where are they ? they were before c8pro or im illusioning ? (well they are in my nuendo 6.5 projects)

They are still there in 8.0.2 :wink:

Sorry i was looking at the Mixer , no they are not on the project tracks

well… its another little feature they can add to cubase… its helpful in some situations

Look at the right side of the “e” button (edit track) in the tracks.

hoo crap… it is there… its arranged strangely on my system :blush: ill fix it ))
but i like how it is in nuendo … its on the edge of the right side … but no real issue …thumbs up …(they really need thumb up/down icons in the forum :wink: )

DuH , Cheers Alberto , it’s seems to have shrunk :wink:

Cheers John, I didn’t notice it was you! :smiley:

Shrunk? Mmm its gods bug!! :mrgreen: