Mono audio files doesn't work!

Hi all!
Sorry for my english!
If I open a mono audio file in Spectralayers Pro 6 (yesterday I downloaded the 30 days trial) no sound when I start play! I can only hear sound coming from stereo files.
Is it normal? (I don’t think so!).
Where I am wrong?

Thank you!!

Hi, go to Edit > Preferences > Device, you likely have the Output Center channel assigned to a device channel you don’t use. Make sure only the device channel you use (likely 1 and 2 but not the rest) are assigned.

Hi Robin, thanks for your help!
Yes, Output Center channel is assigned to a device channel I don’t use (called “channel 3”). If I set Center on channel 1 or 2 I can hear mono wav files too, but only on one channel (only on leff if I set channel 1, on right with channel 2).

Don’t assign Center to Channel 1 or 2, assign it to nothing (first choice before “channel 1”)

Great! Now it works as aspected! Thank you very much Robin!!

Re : Pro 6 Demo.

I use Spectrolayers for the restoration of old stereo recordings and film soundtracks.I recently downloaded the Pro 6 Demo.
When I solo each stereo channel and attempt to edit and repair, both channels are edited at the same time. I need to edit each channel independently.
Pro 4 allows me to do this.
2) When playing a music file, I often need to drag the cursor back manually. When I do this on the Pro 6 Demo, playback stops. On Pro 4 playback continues. How can I maintain the feature of playback continuing when I drag the cursor backwards?
3) Is it possible to copy and paste information from the Right channel to the Left channel, and Vice versa ?

Kind Regards.

  1. To edit each channel independently, just select (highlight) the channel you want to edit in the Channels panel.
  2. This behavior was changed due to the new ARA connection. I’ll check if the old behavior can be made compatible in the next patch.
  3. Yes, using Process>Amplitude>Channel Remixer

Hi Robin, thanks for your help,

I’m still having problems copying and pasteing from Left to Right and Vise Versa. For example, if I take a Rectangular selection from the Left channel and attempt to paste it on to the Right channel, it just leaves a black rectangle on the Right channel. I’ve tried to use the Channel Remixer and soloing each Channel, but I’m missing some important steps. There are no problems copying and pasteing information to the same Channel.
Appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards,


Hi Angel44,

To be more explicit, every copy/paste operation will operate on the same source/target channel. If you want to transfer data from the left to the right channel, it’s not going to involve copy/paste; just select an area, make sure both your channels are shown and highlighted in the Channels panel (left and right), then go to Process > Amplitude > Channel Remixer and define in each output tab how much of the source channels you want. In our case, let’s say we want to keep everything “as is” in the left channel, and in the right channel copy everything that is in the left channel : in the “Left” tab I would define Left 100%, Right 0%, and in the “Right” tab I would define Left 100%, Right 0%. After applying this, both the left and right channels (within my selection area) will contain what’s in the left channel.

Hi Robin,

Success, now what if I need to copy the selected data from the Left Channel and Re locate it to another position on the Right Channel ?


I would use an intermediate layer to do that : copy paste your data to a new layer, channel remix that new layer, reposition that layer using the Move tool, then copy and paste from that layer to the original layer.

Hi Robin,

I have applied all of your advice to my current restoration projects, and some older ones as well. Spectralayers is moving ahead in leaps and bounds.
The new frequency repair tool is an absolute gem,any chance of vertical frequency repair in forthcoming programs ?
I will purchase Pro 6 in the near future when all of the patches mentioned in the forums have been applied.
Kind Regards,


Vertical repair is indeed on the list for v7 :slight_smile: