Mono audio in to stero audio out in cubase 12 pro

I have an external synth with a mono line out. Ive connected it to cubase via my audio interface (focusrite 816 3rd generation)
When I play any notes, I only get sound through one of the stereo outputs. How to I make this mono input play as a stereo output ? (I have mono in to stereo out in the inspector window)

Could you post a screenshot of your Audio Connections window ? Additionally, are you sure that the audio track used to receive the synth signal has been set as stereo, when created ? Here, I have no issue, using a stereo audio track with a mono input on my audio interface : I usually have the MonoToStereo plug-in set in it, when recording an acoustic guitar : works flawlessly…


The external synth is connected to input 1 of the focusrtite. I can hear sound in 1 channel but there is not even any movement on the level meters, for the audio channel the synth is connected to its very odd

Could you also post a screenshot of the audio track receiving the incoming audio signal from your synth (with its inspector) ?

Beside this, I would try to reorganize your Input busses, as they don’t reflect what is truely available on the 8i6…

not sure what you mean by ‘reorganize your input busses’

BY reorganizing, I mean that each and every physical input that can be used should appear in the Audio Connections > Inputs panel. it’s not your case, and I don’t get why the Input 1 appears twice : it’s something to avoid. AFAICS, the 18i6 has 6 mono inputs : they should all appear, and only once, in this pane.

Beside this, I have a problem with your wasp audio track : it is set as a mono one, from which, it’s not surprising that it will play back on only one output, as you have set the output to a stereo bus… Additionaly, I would try to connect your Wasp output in one of the inputs on the rear of your unit (i.e. input 3), as I guess that they are made as Line in ones.

The wasp is connected to input 1 because im already using the other 4, it looks like irt was a problem with the setup. I can now hear in stereo but only one channel is showing on the level meter (I get that its mono) How can I get the mono input to be routed as stereo ?

this is very confusing, I also have an se02 as a stereo in (3-4) I can hear sound but nothing is regitering on the level meters

See my first post in this thread, especially the screenshot : you need a stereo audio track. From which, get rid of the existing wasp audio one, and replace it with a stereo audio track, even if its input is a mono bus. Additionaly, get rid of your Stereo In 2 bus and create two mono busses instead, one being your input 1. Your Inputs panel is a mess, actually : there are no less than three stereo in busses. Are you working with three stereo sources and, if so, which ones ?

Additionaly, what the se02 track is for and what is it supposed to record/playback ?