mono bounce question and some..

Hello there,
firstly, please allow me for posting a long topic… (kinda piled up over the time…)

I’m rather new to Cubase (last year, I had 4.5 on my old Tiger macbook, now am a proud C7 owner)
me, been being 10yrs+ of Logic and a little less long PT user,
I’m not posting this to argue which is better etc…
(so please don’t start arguing by replying me but your tips. otherwise please ignore me.)

mostly no problem using it, some are handy, some are snappier.
but I am a bit confused by some very basic functions(a bit making me nuts) (and also confused by FXs’ namings… :stuck_out_tongue: )
and hoping if I could get some tips which more clever way you know of…

A, Mono bounce
do you always have to bounce “split L/R” to get a simple mono signal??
or select Mono sum then fader down??(-3 etc. depends on your panlaw)
I always delete xxx.R.wav channel…(but still on the disk)

say, you are bouncing a snare with e.g. Drumazon,
Logic, PT, can spew out only a left channel signal…

after that, you(became want to) process it, say Distortion, again the same procedure???
2(and more) xxx.R.wav’s are wasted.
how about if you wanted an offline FX???

B, FXs’ setting copy
yes, you could do it… but not between stereo and mono??
say, Waves Q10, all paramaters are used, again, say, been making on BassStation VST, bounced to Mono(Q10 bypass)
inserted Q10(in Mono now) …copy only manually?? Logic does this seemlessly.

C, side chain… ok, there are many threads… but please Steinberg…

D, mod FXs sync cycle(Cubase’s FXs) …another request for Steinberg. no longer than 1bar?? could you not???

E, one more req. please make a drum synth that is equally big and loud as Ultrabeat.(Logic) then I am 100% happy using Cubase.


I got a question back, no arguing intended, but out of curiosity. What were your reasons for switching to Cubase?

I’ve been feeling it a bit chunky for Logic’s sound. (very subtle. but subtle x 48ch++)
whatever you EQ… that’s the Logic’s colour…
as I posted, not for arguing which sounds better. but to me, that’s what I feel for Logic.
for some sounds/style, I still prefer it.
so possibly some Cubase users would like it. wouldn’t they?

and my label boss uses it. (he swears by it.)

so I finally gave it a try on 4.5 as I wrote. (everyone suggested to me for ages too btw…)
sound less chunky(to my ears) and this probably is making a clearer mid.
free warp is way quicker to operate than Logic’s flextime.
nice GUI (I don’t mind this multi-windows operation)


so, no mono channel bounce then??