Mono Channel for VST


When I add an audio track, I get the option to select Mono or Stereo. However, when I add an instrument track, I do not get this option, and it defaults to Stereo.

But, I use many VSTs that are mono or that can output mono. For example, bass, bass guitars, guitars, synths etc. How do I create a mono instrument track in Cubase?

I want a mono signal that I can pan.

In other DAWs, for example Sonar, you get this option on the instrument track, and you can for many VSTs to output in mono if that option isn’t present in the VST.

This is, in effect, just like having a mono source, but you get a mono channel too. I can then place the ‘mono signal’ anywhere in the field using pan. I would like to know how to do this in Cubase 7.5 ?

This seems quite a basic thing that I should be able to do easily. Yet, I can’t seem to find it in the manual or on the user interface?

Any help appreciated.


I would also like to know how.

Ditto. I’d love this to be addressed.

You can switch to stereo combined panner and pan both sides to the same place…But still not ideal as you have to move both panners if you want to change it’s position.

My preferred method is to insert an effect with a mono switch

You can you the stereo enhancer plugin included with cubase and set it to mono or in theory(I haven’t tried it. You can set up a mono out in the vst connections and then set that to your out of your vst.