Mono event, Stereo widener on Offline processing, does it work?

I am trying to use the magic switch (baby audio) plugin on a mono event through the offline processing (The audio event is on a stereo track).
If i insert the plugin on the track insert it makes the desired effect, when i try to use it in offline processing it does not widen. Is there any limitations on the offline processing for this purpose?
I tried with the stock plugin MonoToStereo too, same result.

resuming: using a stereo effect in a mono event on a stereo track the effect stays mono not stereo.

Hi Pedro,

This is the expected behavior of Offline Processing. Since it processes the audio at the Event stage, it is not aware of the track’s channel configuration. So if you process a mono file, the rendered file will still be mono.
A good example is selecting only a small section of mono audio in the editor, and trying to apply a stereo process. Now that the process has been applied, would you expect the Event to show two waveforms at this exact place, surrounded by a single, centered waveform? That’s not possible.

Render your Mono Track to Stereo - which will actually be the same in both the left & right Channels, so a Stereo file with mono audio content. Then apply your widener to that.

Thanks guys for your replies.
Thats what i ended up doing @raino .